Welcome. If you’re keen to find out how to turn your wealth dreams into reality, you’ve arrived at the right place.

Perhaps you attend wealth seminar after seminar, or read book after book, in an attempt to acquire knowledge on how to create wealth and financial freedom.

Or maybe you get excited when you attend the seminar, or read the book, but find when it comes to applying those tools to yourself you just can’t seem to get them to work?

Here at AFA Private Wealth we equip you with the education, mindset and inspiration to achieve results.

Wealth strategist, taxation expert, accountant, property investor, and author,  Martienne Freeth  shares with AFA Private Wealth clients the secrets to increasing their wealth.

To find out some of these secrets simply check out the links…

Wealth Planning

Wealth creation is one of our favourite topics and something that we take seriously in our own personal and professional lives.  At AFA Private Wealth we believe that you have a right to be wealthy and live a full and abundant life; so we want to help you achieve this goal… read more.


Asset Protection

In our experience, people who are serious about creating wealth take positive steps to protect that wealth by establishing the right type of structure to own their wealth producing assets.  Learn more about this here


SMSF Consulting

Australians over the age of 60 are enjoying a new tax haven! It isn’t Vanuatu or Belize—it is Australia.  For more information about these exciting changes contact one of our SMSF Specialist advisors.

AFA’s wealth creation strategies are road maps to your financial freedom.  From our experience we have learned that when our clients are fully aligned with what they truly want, their financial growth follows.  As wealth strategists, we provide the tools to enable you to achieve your goals of financial freedom.  Your mindset is crucial to achieving your financial freedom goals.  Contact our office today.

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